Swimwear care: 


Please follow these steps to properly take care of your Mennillo bikini.


  • Wash your swimsuit separately in cold water and use a gentle detergent.  


  • Lay your swimsuit flat out to dry. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Never put you swimsuit in the washer/dryer.


  • Sun cream, tanning cream, chlorine and hot tubs can cause extreme damage and discolour suits, so we recommend to be really cautious of putting your suit in contact with those substances.  


If care instructions are not followed we are unable to assume the responsibility for any damages incurred. 


Lounge with embroidery:

All lounge wear (top or bottom) with embroidery is best to wash inside out to protect the mennillo logo, but to avoid all damages it is better to dry by hand.


All other clothing (unless mentionned):

Can be washed normally but it is always better to dry by hand to maximize the quality of coarse.


Please if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly! We are always here to help with any type of inconvenience xxx