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My travel guide: Maine

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Back when my mother was my age, she was spending most of her summers in Maine where some members of her family were living. And just like her, I fell in love with this beautiful piece of Earth and I can’t spend more than 2 years without revisiting. 


I was 3 months old the first time I ever went to Maine. It was in Ogunquit, witch is a town in the county of York. Funny Fact, this city was named that way because Ogunquit means « beautiful place by the sea ». And I don’t think there would be a better way to describe it. 


Since then, my family and I have been going every summer. Luckily for us, we have family in the area, therefor; it is easy for us to get to know the best of the best spots. With that being said, I really feel like sharing with y’all my favourite things from Maine, consequently helping you guys to plan your next trip to Maine. So here are my two favourite spots of this little piece of heaven that is New England. 


(FYI: I wasn’t paid or asked to do/say all of the following information. It all comes from my knowledge and they are my own opinions and appreciations of the places that I will be presenting to you.) 



Ogunquit is definitely one of the most popular locations in Maine alongside Old Orchard, Kennebunk, and Hampton Beach. It is full of cute hotels and there are many attractions for all ages. 





I have so many memories of this beach. What is really cool about it is that, no matter what time you go there, there is always a lot of action (and if you go early in the morning, you can see the lifeguards training which is pretty cool to see). Depending on the tide, the beach offers a lot of space for you to lie down on your towel or play volleyball. If there is one thing that I have to say, is that over the past ten to fifteen years, this place has become more and more popular and because of that, the beach is a lot more crowded. Also, the prices of the drinks, food and parking spaces have increased due to the high activity on the beach, which to my opinion is making this spot a tourist trap. To me, going on vacation is not about being towel to towel with people that I don’t know or spending 10$ for a hot-dog. And sadly, Ogunquit is turning into that. Although I have to say, the animation on the beach is pretty awesome. The lifeguards are always making games and races with anyone that feels like joining them. It can be really cool if you have kids because they will be entertained all day, but make sure to pack a lunch if you don’t want to spend 50$ on fries and ice cream. 




I’ve always had and always will have a crush on downtown Ogunquit. The Maine St is basically the “beach strip” and I’m in love with it. There are many restaurants where you can go take a snack or a very good diner, and stores where they sell all kinds of jewellery, and Ogunquit souvenirs. 


Bread and Roses Cafe ☕️


This bakery is basically my go to. Everything is so fresh and flavourful and the pastries are to die for. My dad used to get me breakfast there every morning and I wouldn’t mind having this every single morning of my existence. If only Maine and Montréal weren’t that far apart… 



Harbour Candy Store 


If you have ever wondered what paradise looks like well, there ya go baby. 

I remember that when I was a kid I used to think that this place was some kind of heaven because there is 


My suggestion: just go for it, take it all girl. 🍪🍫🍦


And while we’re there; 


My favourite hotel is the Colonial Inn. The address is 145 Shore Rd, Ogunquit Maine and it is walking distance from the beach. It is really cozy and the last time I checked, it was rated 4 stars and a half. The employees are extremely nice and its location allows you to live the full Ogunquit experience. 




Personally, I think that Ogunquit is an amazing place to go on vacation. The people are kind, the food is good, the beach is entertaining but I must admit that it is not my MVP. 





a.k.a THE MVP 


 Ok so York is about 15 to 20 minutes from Ogunquit, and it is a town that I discovered 6 years ago. Let me break it down for you. 




There are more than one beach in this town, but my favourite is the one longing the Long Beach Avenue. I was told that it is one of the best spots to go surfing because the waves are really big 🏄🏻. What I love about this beach is that it is not as crowded as Ogunquit and it is a pretty long playa. The restaurants around it are really cute and there are a lot of cottages and houses to rent in this area. I’ve also noticed many camping spaces near that spot. 


Little tip: A few owners of the private houses near the beach offer parking spaces with reasonable prices. 


The Sun and Surf restaurant 


This restaurant is located on the beach, and they have the best fries. Like every business surrounding the beach, the prices are a little high but this one is definitely one of the most affordable spots to eat in York Beach. You can either take it to go or eat on their terrace and enjoy the beautiful ocean view. 




Nobble lighthouse 


Maine is probably one of the states that have the most beautiful lighthouses in America. Near the beach I was telling you about, there is the Nobble lighthouse and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It’s nothing out of proportion or extremely fancy but its simplicity makes it all breathtaking. 


This town is also full of seafood shacks (like every single town in Maine) and you MUST try the fried clams and the lobster rolls. There are a lot of cool bars by the beach where you can go have special drinks. 🦀🍺


I can’t really recommend a hotel for this town because I’ve never actually stayed in York. My auntie has a beach house in Kittery (which is 10 minutes from the Long Beach Ave) and it is where I’ve been staying for the past few years. 


I highly suggest that you take a look at the variety of hotels because they all look so cute and fun. And if you want to experiment the real “beach life”, consider looking at cottages/houses that are available to rent. Because depending on your budget, renting a place and cooking for yourself can be a lot better. 


I really hope this article will help you if you are considering or even planning a trip to Maine anytime soon. 


If you have any suggestions or activities that you would like to share with me, please post it in the comments space below so that everyone can use your tips as well.J And to end this article on a good note; here’s a few extra info you could use for your next trip to Maine! 


Hugs &kisses, 





1- Maine is full of awesome thrift stores. Try to find one near your area and look for their “ special days” so you can take advantage of their best promotions. To be honest, I bought half of my flannels and jeans shirts in thrift stores. I also got my favourite Ralf Lauren sweater in a thrift shop near Kittery. 


2- There’s a little town near York and Ogunquit called Portsmouth, in the state of New Hampshire. This town is so pretty it almost looks like a movie set. There are many cute restaurants and bars where you can go spend the night. There’s also the Port Solent boardwalk that is really fun to go with your family and friends. ⚓️


3- Maine wouldn’t be Maine without its lobsters and other seafood (some of the citizens even have a lobster on their license plates). My favourite dishes to have are steamers and lobsters. And please do yourself a favour and buy your seafood in seafood shacks and not in grocery stores. It doesn’t get fresher than fishermen’s shops! 


4- The Kittery Outlets are a great place to go shopping and spend dem dolla bill. 


5- If you have the chance, try paddle boarding. It is really popular in Maine and there are many places where you can rent the equipment. 


6- Google the boardwalks near your hotel. It’s always fun to go take a walk and have an ice cream at night. 


7- Enjoy as much as possible. These towns are better for your energy and happiness than any therapies available. 💛




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