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My story, My vision, My values

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A few years ago, I was told that my idea of being a fashion designer was IMPOSSIBLE. I was young and naïve so I believed what others told me and took a different path. I studied Dawson college in business marketing but dropped out 2 years later. Being stuck in a building studying something other than my dreams was not in my interest. But just like any other girl, I was really scared of doing something that had a chance of failing.


My story begins from when I was a little girl. I always dreamed of starting something on my own, being my own boss and making my own rules. With time, I realized that having a business, was actually not that easy. It involved many hours of work, sacrifice and perseverance. Don’t get me wrong though, every single moment that led to where I am today is and always will be the best times of my life.


When I first started my company, I was given no investment. It was nothing but my own dedication and determination. I have a strong work ethic so working long hours and not having days off wasn’t an issue. When it’s your baby, you don’t care. For me it was never about making money. It was doing something that I loved and was passionate about.


Being my own boss means everything to me. I’m a strong believer in my company values so I managed to do everything on my own at first. It was only 2 years after having everything operated by myself that I was finally able to delegate my work and find a Montreal based company who would produce my bikinis.


I am now a proud owner of an online website and recently just opened a boutique. Life is all about obstacles and challenging yourself. I took a risk with my life and never once regretted that decision. I will never be as happy as I am today with everything that I accomplished on my very own.




Mennillo doesn’t believe in under treated labor in Asia, which is why it took so long to find the right manufacturer who had the same values as ours. The material is all imported directly from Italy and is carefully chosen for every specific design which also means that the designs are exclusive.


I always encourage people to ALWAYS follow your dreams. There is nothing better in life than doing something that makes you truly and deeply happy. You only have this one life, use your time wisely.


Much love,




Vanessa Mennillo

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