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Hello from Naomie

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So hello everyone.


 I was debating on the best way to introduce myself to you.  I decided to talk to you as if we had just met in a coffee shop, and you wanted to know a little bit more about me. 


First of all, my name is Naomie Duckett Zamor. I am the one blogging on the Mennillo platform. Like this company, I’m proud to say that  I am from Montreal. 


As you can see, I’m a mixed child,  half Irish and half haitian. I really do consider myself as an « Island type of gyal » and I live for breezy summer nights  and hot summer days by the ocean. Just like the Mennillo brand and it’s founder Vanessa. 

I studied cinema and communications and I am pursuing my  school journey in journalism. I think we are blessed to live in a world where we can communicate with all kinds of different people from all around the world. Come to think of it, we are a privileged generation to have all of these new platforms where we can exchange and learn from many different types of people and sources.


I love sharing different recipes, beauty hacks and opinions on all sorts of subjects. But I mostly love interacting with people on self love, self impowerement and discussing  about body image. And this is exactly what we are going to do together on this blog.


  I’m making it a personal mission to be very honest and  open minded, wether we talk about sangrias or  beauty standards. I really, really do think that we  (the youger generation of women) are constantly comparing ourselves to one another . Where as instead, we should be embracing who we are and help other women around us feel harder, better, faster, STRONGER.  


By now, I would probably end my presentation at the coffee shop because our lattes would be cold. So, here’s the Top 10 of what you have to know about me. 



                                                                                  Photo credit @ vanilla_picture


TOP 10 :  

1. I am a mama bear. All of my friends call me moma because I literally act like their mom.

2. I am passionate about food and drinks. You will be seeing a lot of recipes in my Instagram stories and on this blog.

3. I’m someone who is really open minded. I love to get out of my comfort zone.

4. I have the biggest and deepest fear of clowns and I still didn’t get over what happened last year.

5. I am a proud feminist and I’m all for women empowerment. And NO, I don’t hate men.

6. My mom wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive. She always says that I’m a miracle. That, as a consequence, made me  want to live my life to the fullest since I wasn’t suppose to exist in the first place.

7. I’ve always dreamed of being a TV host. Therefore,  this is what I’m studying in school.

8. I really have little patience for bullies. 

9. I CAN’T stand stereotypes. It’s just a big no no 

10. Rihanna is my woman crush for ever and always.


With love,



Instagram: nazduckett

Twitter: Naomie Duckett Zamor

Snapchat: naz_duckes

Facebook: Naomie Duckett Zamor



(French will follow shortly) 

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  • WoW Nao, c’est très très bon. On plaisir de te relire sous peu. BRAVO!!!

    Lynn Corbeil le
  • So so sweet !!!!!!!

    Lana COhen le
  • I jut LOVE it…Great start! Everything you wrote is SO TRUE! Can`t wait to follow you and your blog! CONGRATS!

    Diane le
  • Loved your blog. ?

    Jen Ricupero le

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