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It all started a year ago when I decided to go see a carrers adviser at school. I needed help to decide witch school I should go to next and I thought that a professional could help me with this process. I would never have thought that this 15 minutes appointement would have changed my life the way it did.


I sat down in this man’s office and explained to him that I wanted to be a TV host. I was questionning myself on which private school or university I should apply to.

As we were talking about the medias and the television industry, he told me that I had to have a plan B, always, because being a part of this industry is really difficult. Fair enough.


But then, he told me : «  you know here in Quebec, most people that succeed in television are quebecers… »


I innocently answered : « yes of course? » without really understanding what he meant by that.


He followed and said : « No but I mean like real quebecers, you know… Normand Brathwaite and Pierre-Yves Lord are probably ones of the few that really made it… ». It was at this moment that I realized he was talking about my skin color. Without those two exemples, I never would have guessed that he was talking about that because I don’t see people as colors.


Oh and fact check ; there are more than those two gentlemen that succeded in television and who were not Tremblays.




I was so shaken that I left his office crying. I could see he felt bad, especially when he added : « it’s not that you are not pretty or intelligent… »


When I looked back on that day, I know that I wasn’t crying because I was discouraged or sad. I was crying because I was angry.


But I have learned a lot from this experience.


I don’t think that this man’s intentions were bad. He was just giving me a glimpse of what it is like to be in the public eye.


The sad truth is that we are always going to be judged by our appearences first. Your opinions and knoweledge will always be filtered thrru your origins, sex, size and age.


So it’s clear that it was questionable for this man to see a 20 year old mixed girl say that she wanted to be the next host of Tout le monde en parle.


Instead of hating him for what he said, I’d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. Because that day, I learned how to accept critics.


But most importantly, I learned how to hold my head up, and rise from situations like that.


For me, becoming a TV host has always been about more than becoming famous and recognized by people. I’m not here trying to be loved or APPROVED by anyone. I want to do this because I’m in love with communicating, learning, and sharing the actuality. I’m doing this because when I was young, I used to tell my parents that I wanted to be like the « woman talking in the television ».


This is not only about gender equality, racial acceptation or body standards, it’s about breaking my own barriers and being my #1 fan. If I believe that I can do it, than I shall do it. And if I know for a fact that I’m much more than the color of my skin, well, conversations like this won’t bring me down. It will only motivate me and remind me of the reasons why I’m doing this.


And this applies for ANYTHING that you wanna do with your life. Thankfully –and not unfortunately-, we will always be confronted to people who will doubt us or our plans. And it’s ok. Use it to question yourself on how to make your dreams more achievable, and how to be more confident about your own decisions.


If Ellen Degeneres had stopped herself because of her sexual orientation, or Ophrah Winfrey because of her origins, they wouldn’t be the boss *** ladies that they are today.


And most importantly, little girls like my 10 year old self wouldn’t even have dared to dream about being the woman in her living room television.




Naomie xxxx


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  • Bravo pour ta persévérance. Ton message est inspirant

    chadia le

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